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Now talking about it is no longer useful

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Tiziano, Tarquinio and Lucrezia
Crime is a topic of the italian media only when needed. During the election campaign for the city of Rome, the right has taken a cue from a rape to denounce the lack of security in the city, but now that it is the government does not have the same attention. The news of a rape committed in Rome a few days ago, for instance, came to the media with some delay, perhaps because it seems that the culprit is italian, and therefore it is not a crime politically useful.
Yet it's not the only one happened recently, there were several others: in some cases in Milan, one in Messina, in Palermo, in Taranto, occurred in the last month or even last year, but came to light only recently. The information is more likely to give space to episodes where the victim is Italian and rapist foreigner , but in reality there are more cases where both the victim and the rapist are immigrants, cases where the victim is a foreigner and the rapist an Italian, and the majority are always cases in which both the victim and the rapist are Italian. In the vast majority of cases, the rapist is still an ex-boyfriend, an acquaintance or a friend of the victim. An Istat survey of 2007 had revealed that on the total complaints, 69% of rapes were committed by partners, husbands and boyfriends, 25% by friends and acquaintances, and only 6% by complete strangers. On all reported rapes in Italy only 10% is the work of foreigners, but most of them are still committed against friends and girlfriends, often foreigners too. So less than 1% of all reported rapes in Italy is committed by a foreigner who attacks in the street or at home an unknown italian woman. Yet that small percentage of the crime receives a disproportionate space on the media. 
Instead of seriously questioning the violent machismo that still thrives and prospers in the Italian population, fueling all sorts of violence against women, italian media are passing the idea that foreigners are all potential rapists, and that this is the only issue of women rights in Italy. 
And this idea, maybe it's a coincidence, they pass more willingly when there are politicians ready to use it for electoral purposes. Now that the government has made the famous antirape law, whose doubtful usefulness is if anything only punitive and not preventive, perhaps the majority thinks that there should be no more rapes. But it is unlikely that this could really happen, continuing to cut funds for police patrols. But if reality does not conform to government propaganda, they just hide it. 

Francesco Defferrari 


Last Updated on Thursday, 11 June 2009 14:48  
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