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A laughable country

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Dario FoItaly is a laughable country, so ridiculous that people able to show how much Italy is laughable have to be silenced. Dario Fo is a Nobel laureate whose works should be studied in school from first grade school, but cannot even speak at the University of Milan. On public televisions he vanished decades ago, apart from rare appearances. Daniele Luttazzi, Beppe Grillo and Sabina Guzzanti are comedians, but the term for them is an understatement.

They are comedians with the courage to speak the truth in a country of lies, where the truth is always revolutionary. Comedians who make you laugh by showing that Italy is a ridiculous country. In a cultural landscape that after the death of Pasolini and Montale is practically deserted, Dario Fo and some comic genius are definitely the best part of Italian culture. They are because they were able to reveal the truth to us: that this is a ridiculous country, reduced to a pitiful state, where even the tragedies turn into farce. A country ruled by fools who are afraid of comedians and have them silenced. A country upside down, where politicians are laughable and comedians tell the whole truth. A country to cry for.
A country where you can steal, corrupt, pollute, cheat, lie and be elected to parliament. A country where there are policemen who were able to beat, torture, kill and rape with impunity, but if you do smash a bank window you get more jail than murderers. A country where bombs killed people and they said were the terrorists, but eventually we always discover that had been state bombs. A country that kills its judges when it fails to persuade them to betray the people and justice.
A nation so laughable that the most dangerous men and women, those who cannot speak from the screens of public television, are the ones who can tell the whole truth about this tragic country with a bitter laugh.

Francesco Defferrari

- Is not incredible? Bin Laden can go on TV and I do not ...
- Berlusconi is a creative guy. For him, the Criminal Code is a catalog of options.
- Justice in Italy? It would be a good idea.
- This news will be broadcast in reduced form to meet your mental abilities.
- If you never encounter something that offends you, you do not live in a free society.
- Bush, after a series of conversations with his dog, one day decided to drag the world into the abyss: he invaded Iraq, saying, remember, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. A rhetorical phrase that meant Iraq is a defenseless nation that floats on oil.
- How to fight organized crime? We could start not voting it on the elections...
Daniele Luttazzi

- Because, following the tradition of the medieval minstrels, he mocks the Power, restoring dignity to the oppressed.
(Grounds of the Nobel Prize for Literature 1997)
- Only tragedy can produce satire
- The case of Luttazzi, one that makes satire without discounts, is enlightening: fired on the spot. Strike one to educate an hundred.
- The laugh is sacred. When a child makes the first laugh is a party. My father, before the arrival of Nazism, realized that something bad was coming, because, he explained, when a people can no longer laugh becomes dangerous
- Stopping the spread of knowledge is an instrument of control for power because knowledge is knowing how to read, interpret, verify in person and not to trust what they say. Knowledge makes you doubt. Especially of power. Of all power.
- In my life I have never written anything just for fun. I always tried to put in my words that crack capable of putting a strain on certainties, to doubt the opinions, to arouse indignation and open up a little the heads. Everything else, the beauty for beauty, doesn't interest me.
- The size of the truth, there is one, that of the master that we seek to refute if only to say where was born.
Dario Fo

- The opposite of violence is not pacifism, it's intelligence
- Life has become a show where we are the spectators and we also have to pay the ticket
- Who are those who form today organized crime? If you go to look, it consist of: bankers, politicians, judges and maybe, maybe, there is some criminal.
- I believe that Andreotti never stolen, but he did everything else ...
- Who is holding these two cables - power and information-holds the future: energy and information at the speed of light. These are the reins that govern the world. And you ... horses.
- We should be the homeland of rights, we have become the home of the wrong. Today outlaws write laws, criminals try judges. And the fate of judges is in the hands of the decisions of lawyers ...
- Auto. Today, the average distances you travel by car are: one ton, the weight of the car, to carry one hundred pounds, the owner, the average speed is ten miles an hour, an average trip is four miles. Bring a hundred pounds at ten miles per hour for four miles. Is the performance of the mule. Identical.
- There aren't old things, only new things thrown away, replaced by newer things.
- Today, everything is reversed. Today is the economy that rules. For millennia, human societies have built the economy they needed. Today is the opposite. Today is the economy that builds the society it needs.
Beppe Grillo

- On the other hand he's right, you have to accept it: Berlusconi won the elections, the Italians lost
- The meaning of the word equality has become conformity.
- Advertising is the evolution of propaganda. Take a concept that is dear to all because it is human, because it is shared, because it is common sense, and change its meaning through repetition, exploiting it and making it become harmful. Advertising use what is sacred. Love, family, sex, filial love, harmony ...everything that people seek.
Sabina Guzzanti

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