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A workers' victory

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Innse workers protesting in Milan, Italy
The workers of Innse won and the factory, once Innocenti machinery, will not be dismantled for real estate speculation as the first buyer intended to do. The new owner, the group Camozzi, accepted an agreement for the resumption of activity in early October and for the industrial use "at least until 2025". All 49 workers put in mobility in May 2008 will be employed again, and were granted the requests of the unions for social welfare provisions.
In today Italy, where workers didn't win anything for years, the Italy of the increasingly precarious work where human beings can usually be thrown away like objects, the victory of the Innse workers is an extraordinary story. Credit to the four workers who, together with a union delegate remained for eight days on a gantry crane, while a good part of the Italians was on vacation, to defend their work and that of colleagues. The agreement was  reached almost at the expiry of the deadline of midnight August 11. During the day the five spoke by radio with the four employees of Cim of Marcellina in Rome, which since three days are protesting on a tower 37 meters high. "The old kind of struggle, the strike, no longer works. We need to use new forms of struggle. We must resist. More resistance points there are, the better for everyone, "said a worker of Innse to a colleague of Cim. 
Throughout the story, the Italian Government has not done practically nothing, despite repeated calls of many opposition leaders to intervene to resolve the situation. In fact the only action the government took was to deploy a great number of policemen against the workers, but five of them were equally able to enter the factory and climb on the crane for their protest. 
On the eve of an autumn in which the crisis is certainly not ended yet, the Innse story is very instructive. For workers of all Italy and also for the government, which should learn that the problems of work cannot be solved only with the police, because the solidarity that workers have received from around the world and also from Police unions demonstrates that the defense of work is a cause that no one can condemn. 

Francesco Defferrari
Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 August 2009 13:23  
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