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Education to self destruction

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Berlusconi Men are not born stupid, but there are many political and economic interests in the world which want them to be so. Often we think that ignorance is the reason why many people support obviously inadequate governments, but in reality is something much more serious than ignorance, is education to self-destruction. Imagine a thief who enters a house to rob and destroy. The noise alarm one of its inhabitants, who immediatly tries to stop the thief.

But suddenly his brother intervenes and stops him, shouting to leave alone the thief because he agrees with what he is doing. The first brother would be incredulous and astonished by such behavior. But that's what happens in practice in almost every country in the world every day. The thief was able to convince the second brother that he robs and destroys their home for valid, noble and just reasons.
Now of course in reality the second brother should be mad and self-destructive to believe such an idiocy. But politics, with the significant help of propaganda, can make us believe things like that. This happens not only in the present Italian situation, but whenever there are people willing to defend a political leader who is damaging a country because they are convinced that the politician work for their benefit. It is almost never true. Bush was not working for the good of America or the world when he unleashed the Iraq war. He worked for his own sake and for his friends in the oil and armaments industries. Berlusconi is not working for the good of Italy, only to save himself from the endless trials that involve him and to increase the value of his holdings. Prodi also did nothing good for italian citizens when he supported the High speed rail and incinerators or when he allowed judge De Magistris to be hampered in performing his duty. It was only the interests of a small elite.
Sometimes politicians don't work for the interests of citizens in complete bad faith, because they are doing the interests of someone else. Sometimes they do so in good faith, they believe that something is in the interests of all and they are wrong. Therefore it is very important that citizens are able to know what their rulers are doing, why they do it, and judge their actions for what they are without political and ideological bias. This should be the task of information, but since the media are almost always subject to some political or economic interests, they have always ideological sympathies and antipathies which only create confusion and misinformation among citizens. And so people become so stupid as to hold their brothers while the robber destroys the house where we all live. And they do really believe that is the right thing to do.
Because the world really is not divided into left and right, or other similar ideologies. The world is divided between those who have power and those who do not have it, and the latter should always suspect the former and criticizing what they do, never defend them on blind faith. But of course the Power like to have blind and faithful supporters, easily maneuverable for its own purposes.
In Italy these days we see politicians, journalists and even ordinary citizens who attack the judge who ordered Berlusconi to pay 750 million for compensation for Mondadori publishing house. The civil sentence is right, and follows a long trial that has demonstrated the use of corruption by the current prime minister to seize the Mondadori. This is basically a dispute between two big business, but has a significant political fallout when one of them stand for election and win thanks to the media power he has, and that in part he has obtained illegally. And this is just one of many reasons why it is quite obvious that the main concern of Berlusconi is not the good of the citizens but his private interest. Politicians and journalists who defend him do so because they are specifically paid for it. Part of the italian citizens do that because 15 years of propaganda has now convinced them that the thief that is ravaging and plundering their homes do so for the common good. Sooner or later morning will come, they too will see the ruins that surround them and they will understand, too late, how they have been deceived.

Francesco Defferrari

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 October 2009 17:48  
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